Occinatie's radio stations are threatened

My roles on the project:

  • Project manager
  • Main programmer
  • Systems designer
  • Narrative designer

Radio Rebelote is a racing game taking place in Occitanie. In a near future, radio waves aren't regulated by the state anymore. Big radios hire people to jam the waves and kill smaller radios.

Marion is a young sound engineer passionated by libre radio stations and the era of pirate stations. She meets Franck, an old pirate station animator who used to broadcast in his car. Together, they fight against bigger radios and create Radio Rebelote.

Feature highlight

One of the features I worked on is the character reaction system. It is crucial to make characters believable while driving, they react to the environment and what the player does.

This feature greatly improved the game feel and the connexion to the characters.


I co-wrote the game's dialogues. Because of the target audience, they are only available in french.