Will you quack the case?

In Duck-tective, you play as three ducks under a trench coat. They do this so humans don't know that they're in fact ducks. While in this strange disguise, you will have to solve a mystery. But because you are three ducks under a trench coat, it's easy to fall, you will have to make sure not to lose balance, or humans will discover your secret.

In this world, birds have a whole society hidden from humans. For the first time in history, a bird killed a human. Pelicano, chief of the bird's police forms a team of three ducks, Becky, Barry and Buck. They will have to pile up under a trench coat in order to investigate in plain sight.

My roles on the project:

  • Pitcher
  • Core mechanics design
  • Writer (French and english)

The game

What the duck?

Duck-tective was my second-year final project. We worked in a team of 9 in a timespan of 2 months. In the end, we delivered a vertical slice and a vision for what would be the full game. We gave a presentation in front of a wonderful jury at the end of the semester, to demonstrate the vertical slice of our game. Check it out!

Check out the docs