Be their god, feel the world

My roles on the project:

  • Game system designer
    • Buildings crafting system, procedural requests system
  • VR experience designer
    • VR "toy" experience design and game feel
  • Technical designer
    • Influence areas implementation

The experience

Divunity is a VR god game where two players have to cooperate to make their people live together despite their tendency to fight. The focus is both on the communication/strategy aspect and the inherent pleasure to play with a VR toy.

Feature highlight: requests system

A 3D speech bubble spinning

A spreadsheet containing multiple example requests

During the game, your people will ask you new buildings. It was my favorite feature to work on, as it included element of systems design, technical design, level design and narrative design:

  • It had to reflect the evolution in the mentality of your own people (from hate to living together)
  • Procedural requests, depending on the state of the game
  • Evolution of the type of buildings asked by your people
  • New specific requests appear (for example: destroy a wall now that we like each other.)

Two extraterrestrials from the game

The setup

We presented the game at ENJMIN game show. It required two computers connected together through network. A third computer in front of the booth showed a spectator perspective for players waiting their turn.

The stand